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Retail ready Power Strip Liberator extension cords

The Power Strip Liberator Story

There are more than 5 billion power outlets in homes and offices in the United States! A vast majority of those outlets could benefit directly from at least one of our Power Strip Liberator® products right now!

The Power Strip Liberator® family solves common problems like hard-to-reach outlets located behind furniture, blocked outlets on sure protectors, and huge wall wart device chargers. Our new 360-degree Flat Plug Liberator cord not only lets you use outlets located behind funiture, but it also rotates to aim the cord where it won't get in the way or bend up.

We are the only manufacturer to offer a complete power outlet solution with the Power Strip Liberator® family. The potential is enormous, so please contact us today!

Free your power strip outlets and add another outlet

Power Strip Liberator -- Plus

Use outlets hidden behind furniture

Power Strip Liberator -- Flat Plug

Get to difficult-to-access wall outlets

Power Strip Liberator -- Rotating Plug

Power two AC adapters from one outlet power strip

Power Strip Liberator -- Y Splitter

Free blocked outlets on your power strip

Power Strip Liberator -- Classic

Double your outlets on difficult-to-access wall outlets

Power Stirp Liberator -- Hug A Plug

Charge USB devices without blocking an outlet!

The Power Bandit

Convert a wall outlet into a surge protector & 10-watt device charger

Power Strip Liberator -- Powers All

Travel-ready surge protector & USB device charger

Powerall Mini
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